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About Us


My name is Anna, and I'm dreaming about being a lavender grower.

For a long time me and my husband were thinking about farming, particularly growing vineyard in our locality in Izmir City, Turkey. After visiting Provence last summer , we decided that there should be Lavender field next to the vineyard for sure!

Most sources list the Aegean Region as the motherland of the lavender, and we  can see every spring Spanish Lavender (Lavandula Dentata), locally called as Karabas Otu in abundance. Locals are using it as medical herbs. 

Citizens of the famous antique city of Ephesus used Lavender to perfume and disinfect their baths and laundry. 

The botanical name for lavender is Lavandula, its genus name, which comes from the Latin lavandus, "to be washed", or lavare, "to wash".

This year me and my friend Anna planted experimental plot of Lavandula x intermedia Provence, Lavandula x intermedia Grosso, culinary used Lavandula angustifolia “Munstead" and “Hidcote”. While looking after our experimental field , and studying all necessary aspects of the growing Lavender, I am enjoying craft-making with dried lavender buds from Isparta region in Turkey. Hope, that you will enjoy it!

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