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Relaxing Lavender eye pillow with removable cover. The pillow is filled with flax seeds and lavender buds from Isparta (Turkey), harvest 2017. The approximate size is 10 cm by 25 cm. The removable cover is done from 100% silk material, and can be hand-washed in warm water. 


This fabric was designed and done by the artisan in Uzbekistan. Every pillow is unique and cannot be repeated. Color could be slightly different due to screen and photo camera visualization. 


This eye pillow was Handcrafted especially for you and filled with organic lavender buds and flax seeds to promote relaxation and sense of well-being.


It is ideal to be used during the day for relaxation, meditation, for resting the eyes after yoga exercises or during Savasana.


Place it on your closed eyes, and allow lavender aroma to help your body to relieve tension, get rid of headache, migraines, and promote good sleep.


You can use it warmed in the microwave or chilled in the refrigerator (as a cold compress) to  relieve tired, irritated eyes. Can be used as heat pack to relieve pain all over the body.


Handmade with Love in Turkey

Only organically grown lavender buds are used


*Washable pillow case

Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow Uzbek Ikat Silk Purple White Washable Sleeve

  • Dear Customer


    These instructions contain important information on the use of this product.

    Read them carefully to ensure that this product gives you many years of good service.



    Safety warnings


    Only use the product as described in these instructions to avoid accidental injury or damage.

    Keep this manual for future reference. If you pass this product on to another person, remember to give them these instructions.


    Intended use


    The eye pillow is designed to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being - it also works at room temperature by blocking out light from your eyes. It can also be used as a warming or cooling pillow on parts of the body other than eyes. It is designed for private use and is unsuitable for commercial, therapeutic or medical purposes.


    The eye pillow is filled with organic lavender buds and flax seeds.

    It is not suitable for people suffering from allergies or immune deficiency due to herbal components.


    Consult your doctor!


    • If you already have any pain or discomfort, such as an eye infection, reddening of the eyes, styles, etc. or if you are currently receiving medical treatment, e.g. for cataracts or glaucoma, or if you are using eye drops, ask your doctor whether using the warmed or cooled eye pillow is safe for you.
    • Remove contact lenses before using pillow.
    • Remove eye pillow immediately if you begin to feel pain or have difficulties.
    • Do not use the heated eye pillow on inflammations, circulatory problems or febrile diseases. Only use the cooled eye pillow for up to approx. 10 minutes at a time.


    Danger to children


    • The product is not a toy. Use only under adult supervision. Keep infants away from the product.
    • Keep the packaging material out of the reach of children. There is a risk of suffocation!


    Danger - fire hazard


    • The eye pillow can be heated in the microwave with 10 second intervals. Check regularly for the temperature. Never leave the eye pillow unattended while it is being heated!


    Warning - risk of burns and over cooling


    • The product must not be used - or used only at room temperature - by persons who are unable to correctly perceive heat. Bear in mind that small children react more sensitively to heat than adults. Certain disease, such as diabetes, may entail disturbances in the sensory perception of temperature. Disabled or frail people may not be able to call for help if they get too hot or too cold. 


    • Temperatures of 41C and above can lead to burn injuries! To avoid skin burns and over cooling, test the temperature on the back of your hand before using the heat pillow.
    • Cool the eye pillow in the refrigerator, not in the freezer compartment. Eye pillows cooled in the freezer compartment can cause frostbite after being used for only a few minutes!




    You can use the eye pillow on your eyes when heated/cooled or at room temperature only in order to block out light. 

    This will already help you feel calm. Put the pillow flat on your hands and lightly shake it so that the flax seeds and lavender buds are distributed evenly and release healing aroma. 


    Position eye pillow on your eye as shown on the picture. Relax…


    Heating the eye pillow

    Put eye pillow into the microwave, start it with 10 seconds interval, check for desired temperature. Check temperature with the back of your hand before using it.


    Cooling the eye pillow 

    Put eye pillow in an airtight bag. Cool eye pillow in the airtight bag in the refrigerator for maximum 2 hours. Ready to use. The cooled eye pillow should never remain in contact with any part of the body for more that 10 minutes.

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