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This sleep mask is hand made from the high quality cotton fabric, and can be used as unscented sleeping eye mask or filled with flax seeds and lavender buds from Isparta (Turkey), harvest 2018. 


The approximate size is 10 cm by 25 cm. 


1 option: Pillow case is done from 100% cotton material can be refilled after two years of use. 


2 option: Pillow case is done from 100% cotton patterned material on the face, and 100% Tai silk (white) - from the bottom side. 


Pillow is done with band, cased in the cotton or silk material. This pillows can be cooled in the freezer (in zip locked plastic bag) and used as cooling compress for headache or migraine treatment. 


For soothing warmth simply place in a microwave safe dish and warm in 10 second increments. Read further instruction on the product to avoid hot spots or product's damage. 


Lavender eye pillow is great for relaxation, after yoga session, during massage or to improve sleep. 


*Non-removable cover 



Please remember that the exact  color of the product may vary due to photo camera and screen settings. but I am trying my best to show it in the true pattern. 


Standard Shipping:

10-14 days to Europe

10-21 days to USA, Canada, UAE

14-30 days to the Australia


Express Shipping:

3-7 days around the world

Sleep Mask Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow - Dusty Roses

  • Relax and ease away tension and stress. Let the aromatic scent of lavender sooth and uplift your spirit. The weight of the eye pillow applies acupressure around the eyes and temples, helping you to feel rejuvenated and energized. Our therapeutic eye pillow is perfect for meditation or yoga, helping you to achieve a calm and centered state of mind, or for simply for relaxing with after a long hard day.  

    Hand-crafted, our lavender eye pillows are made with organic flax seed and lavender, encased in a soft cotton removable, washable cover. The flax seed holds moisture, heat and cold longer than other fillers, and it easily conforms to the contours of your eyes while applying a gentle therapeutic weight.  

    HEATING DIRECTIONS: Gently warm in the microwave for moist heat therapy in 10 second intervals, checking the temperature for ideal warmth. Do not overheat! 

    COOLING DIRECTIONS: Place the eye pillow in a sealable plastic bag and place in the freezer for 2 hours for cold therapy. 

    A blend of 100% organically grown flax seed, organically grown whole lavender flowers from Isparta fields, 2016 harvest, and lavender essential oil 

    Pillow is approximately 9 inches long X 3 3/4 inches wide 

    **Cover is not removable**

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